We Love Art

Artwork has the power to stir emotions and inspire us unlike anything else. It remains an engrained part of the DRGA experience.

FCK MICKEY / George Amouyal, GIO

We operate from Israel's cultural capital. Our office is located in the heart of the White City—Tel Aviv—which exposes us to many talented artists, architects and designers. We believe that art is an inseparable part of apartment design, adding warmth, character and definition to space.

You’ll Look Great Kate / Robert Mars

Private collection / Roni Ben Simhon

In our office we present art work by the Parisian artist, George Amouyal Alias Gio. Since his younger age, Gio has developed a fascination for the world of cartoons and illustrations which set him a unique goal that would stay anchored in his mind: to create a singular concept and bring to life a character worthy of Walt Disney’s imagination and standards. His body of work, inspired by multiple influences, sets his atypical and avant-garde approach to art.